Beccles Neighbourhood Plan

Vision & Aims



By 2036 the Beccles Southern Relief Road will have been long completed. Attractive new housing in the Beccles and Worlingham Garden Suburb, and to the west of London Road will provide a range of dwelling sizes and tenure that has allowed young people to stay and raise families in Beccles, and provided the elderly with sheltered housing. The new primary school, open space, sports facilities and shops in the Garden Suburb will be easily accessible to the existing town via pedestrian, cycle and bus routes routes and will be fully integrated into existing infrastructure.

Light employment units accommodating hi-tech business will have been developed within the Garden Suburb and on brownfield sites. Our schools will have expanded to equip our younger people with the versatile skills required for the future and there will be more links between businesses and the wider community.

Heavy goods vehicles will no longer come into the town centre other than for deliveries, and this together with smart systems to reduce speeding and widened pavements will have improved pedestrian safety. Electric vehicles will have reduced air pollution and there will be re-charging points in the town, plus better access for wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Well-maintained heritage buildings and a well-managed green environment, together with a good range of shops and services will have helped maintain the town's character. Elsewhere in the town road improvements have eased pressure at critical locations.

Beccles Medical Centre and other health services will have expanded to meet increased demand for both physical and mental care. There will be new and enhanced community spaces for parents, children and teenagers, including a Skate Park and inclusive play areas. The town will have a new leisure centre and/or indoor swimming pool. The environment of the town will encourage active lifestyles for residents and visitors, and provide a range of leisure activities to suit all ages.

Open spaces at Waveney Meadow, the Common and especially Beccles Quay will have been much improved to provide an enhanced attraction to residents and visitors. Visitor accommodation will have increased and tourism will be thriving.

The water quality of the River Waveney will have improved and flood risk will have been mitigated.


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1. To contribute to the Waveney Local Plan housing strategy and provide a range of attractive housing types and tenures to meet all needs.

2. To ensure that the new housing proposed to the south of Beccles incorporates the highest standards of green architecture and urban design; reflects local styles; is phased to ensure that all new infrastructure is secured before housing is occupied, and is integrated with the existing town.


3. To increase the number and range of employment opportunities in order to reflect the pace of technological change, including Artificial intelligence, and to encourage provision of green goods and services.

4. To expand and develop schools to meet these needs.

Community facilities

5. To provide new community facilities especially for parents with young children, and teenagers, plus a new leisure centre and/or indoor pool.

6. To enhance existing open spaces, play areas and other facilities including the library and the Waveney Centre.

7.To develop Beccles Quay as an asset for residents and visitors.


8. To promote junction improvements where there is existing or anticipated pressure from new residential or industrial development.

9.To enhance pedestrian safety by speed restrictions, widening pavements and routing lorry traffic away from the town centre.

10. To support safe cycle routes, maintain and enhance public transport routes and community transport services, wherever possible.


11. To maintain and enhance the character and heritage of our built environment, promote development of brownfield sites and maintain a clean, litter-free and attractive townscape.

12. Encourage the appropriate care and management of our wider green environment.

13. To co-operate with the relevant bodies in improving the water quality of the River Waveney.

Town Centre

14. To maintain a thriving town centre and minimise vacancies.


15. To improve and expand the existing Beccles Medical Centre so that it fully meets the needs of existing and new residents, and to explore other opportunities for providing medical facilities.

16. To encourage a physically and mentally healthy community.


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The Neighbourhood Plan seeks to address the challenges facing Beccles which have been identified through public consultation, and which arise from the large-scale residential development proposed in the emerging Waveney District Local Plan:

Housing & inequality

A shortage of affordable and rented housing for young people and families, and of sheltered accommodation for the elderly,
Pockets of severe inequality in Beccles South, identified in the 2016 Hidden Needs Report,

Development south of Beccles

Potential pressure from the large-scale residential development proposed in the Waveney Local Plan on the environment, physical and social infrastructure and existing character of the town.


Lack of local job opportunities which reflect the full range of technological advances, and the green economy.


Lack of community facilities, especially for the parents with young children, and teenagers.
Poorly maintained outdoor play facilities and open spaces, especially at Beccles Quay.
Pressure on Beccles Medical Centre and lack of facilities for mental health.


Regular town centre congestion, air pollution and speeding, poor pedestrian safety and lack of provision for technological advances such as electric and driverless cars,


Inconsistently maintained heritage buildings, unsightly brownfield sites and pet fouling.
Pollution of the River Waveney.


Lack of visitor accommodation.
Threats to the character and environment of the town which undermine attractiveness to tourists.


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